Secrets to Love and Riches

Are You Ready To Become
irresistibly magnetic
to Money and Love
– in only 10 minutes a day?

In 30 Days, you will be AMAZED at the changes in your life!

International Author
Kala H, Kos, PhD

   Hi. My name is Kala H. Kos. I'm a Doctor of Psychology, an international trainer and author – and YES, I can show you a 30-Day Formula to direct your inner state and your energy in such a way that windfalls of love and money will unfold in your life.

   For 30 years I've been teaching the ancient Hawaiian art and science of manifestation that has helped thousands of people create love, health and wealth.

   I can show you how to do the same in only 30 Days or Lesseven if you think it's hopeless.

   Why do I sound so confident? Because I have a great track record doing exactly that.

   And some of the most successful people stand behind my claim. Here's just one of them:

Listen to T. Harv Ecker
Best-Selling author of
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

How Many Times
Have You Wished That Real Change
Would Happen in Your Life?

You don't have to wish anymore!

   Perhaps you're a Seeker, like I was. Perhaps you've been to countless workshops, read lots of books, maybe even walked over hot coals.

   And you're fed up with being dissatisfied!

   Yet you feel you're on the verge of a TURNING POINT…

   Are you wondering what's hanging you up? What's standing in the way of more prosperity, more purpose, more joy, more success, more service, and more love?

   Don't you wish someone would just take you by the hand and show you - in the middle of your everyday evolution - how to stay on track and bring about the things you most desire?

   I had these same basic longings and queries thirty years ago, just around the time that I cured myself of an incurable arthritic/rheumatic disease known as ankylosing spondylitis. Intent on understanding exactly how I had accomplished this miracle,

   I began a search to discover the secrets for creating success in all areas of life.

   I became a serious seeker and participant in numerous human potential/self-help programs. But I wasn't able to find a system that provided results that could be duplicated and sustained over time - for absolutely anyone who applied that system.

   Then, to my great fortune, I experienced a TURNING POINT.

30 YEARS AGO I Discovered
The Ancient Secret Behind "The Secret"
- And When You Know
Why And How It Works,
Using It Is Easy.

   The problem with most manifestation courses is that they teach you all of the concepts - but that's NOT ENOUGH.

   Just as in Modern Physics, you have to think in 4 dimensions. but all the current books and trainings are working in only three dimensions!

   The problem with that is most of the time you don't see immediate, effective results. If you get any result at all, it's often the nearest available equivalent of what you really wanted.

   But, I bet you're tired of compromising and settling for less.

   I bet you even blamed yourself because those systems didn't work for you. What you didn't realize is - it's the systems that don't work - not you!

   Listen, I know the reason you're STILL reading this letter is because you believe it IS possible to create the life you want…to fulfill your cherished dreams.

   My latest program is about one thing - exactly what to do on all four levels to attract love and riches - especially if you've begun to think it will never happen.

   Once you know and use this 4th key element, you'll optimize your results for MINIMUM struggle and MAXIMUM effectiveness in attracting exactly what you desire. You'll be able to live a life you love!

   This process is practical, easy to use, and works like nothing else you've ever seen.

Here's What You Experience
Soon After You
Use This Program.

  • More confidence, self-assurance and charisma

  • Windfalls of opportunity from unexpected sources

  • Synchronous events conspiring to fulfill your most cherished dreams

  • Being more on purpose and in balance

  • Having more prosperity flowing in…

You Can Learn in Hours
What's Taken Me YEARS
To Discover…

   What took me years to discover I can now pass on to you in a matter of hours. These lost secrets don't just tell you how to attract what you want, they show you exactly how to bring invisible desires into visible reality, how to stay on track with your dreams - even in the midst of life's hardest lessons - and how to uncover the hidden obstacles in your psyche that have kept you from riches and romance.

   "I am a single Mom and one of my major goals in your course was to travel. My daughter has had pictures on her wall of her dream-spot, Greece, since she was 8 years old (she's now 19.) While doing the Formula, I was hired into a new job where I get paid for vacation time - and now my daughter and I are travelling to Greece and Turkey on May 31st. VERY EXCITING! I know my other goals are in process as well, as I continue to use the tools I learned from you. Thanks so much."
– Tammy R.   
Langley, BC   

Here's How These Simple Secrets And Techniques Have Created Abundance and Passion For My Clients!

   The following testimonials from participants who have implemented the secrets from my courses, will give you a better idea of how easy it really is to magnetize love and riches into your life quickly, easily and with pleasure:

    "It's a surprise to me - I can hardly believe it. I feel handsome. I feel powerful. I feel attractive."

Joseph Stadel, Vancouver, B.C

    "I have doubled my income every year, Kala, since working with your unique magnetizing program."

Miriam L. Serman, Los Angeles
    "Since taking your program, my life and my prosperity have opened up. I now own a condo in Hawaii that has tripled in value in three years."

Jann G., Vancouver

   "We were married on Kauai on September 18th and I can't thank you enough for sharing the tools that brought him to me."

Peggy Kemp, Hawaii
   "I just wanted to write and let you know how your course has blessed me. It is as if I have just hit the lotto"
Starla Hoxie, Corona, CA.
   "While I was doing the programming, a close relative called to tell me he was giving me an 'early inheritance' of $10,000. I was speechless!"
K. L., Vancouver

   For the past 30 years, through my books and international seminars, I have taught thousands of people the secrets of love and riches.

   And today I am proud to announce a special program based on the manifestation secrets used by Polynesian Masters for over 3000 years:

How to Become a Magnet
For Money and Love

   This experiential course, recorded live with participants from across North America, is being offered now for a limited time as an online audio learning tool with a life-changing 30-Day Formula and LIVE Q & A calls with me, that helps you integrate a powerful Hawaiian system of manifestation.

    You'll discover how to:

  • Internalize 7 Ancient Secrets to Materialize Desires Quickly.

  • Adopt 12 Powerful Qualities that Raise Your Vibration for Unlimited Money.

  • Shift from "Mind Chatter" to the "Moment" Instantly

  • Identify Your Subconscious Beliefs Easily and Train Your Subconscious

  • Dissolve Your Inner Obstacles.

  • Raise Your Life-Force Energy and Become Highly Charismatic.

  • Know What You Really Want in a Partner and Attract Your Ideal Mate

  • Get Clarity on the 50 Benefits of Having More Money

  • Utilize the Power of Forgiveness to Open Energy Flow for Manifestation

  • Access Your SuperConscious Self to Create Miracles

But that's not all.

   After curing myself of an incurable disease in my twenties, I was led to a beautiful Hawaiian island and tutored by several masters who were experts in creating astonishing results. I was later encouraged by my mentors to adapt the knowledge passed on to me into a modern system.

I did so - and in the process discovered the powerful results that occurred when I infused this system with the energy practices of ancient India. I call this unique alchemy Magnetic Energizing

   As a result I wrote:
The 7 Lost Secrets of Ecstasy and Success.

"I want to thank you for your book, Kala. My life has changed beyond belief. I'm now living life to the fullest and enjoying every minute of it. Life began again half way through the book. Thank you and God bless you."

Gene Wallis, Australia 

   It is deceivingly simple and powerfully effective. The book contains so much practical wisdom and effective techniques for personal manifestation, that I created the entire audio program based on its principles – yet the course encompasses so much more!

Here's The
Course Companion Book:

The 7 Lost Secrets of
Ecstasy and Success

How to Awaken Your Hidden Power
for Love and Riches

   Here is what authors, Mark Victor Hanson, co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul series - that has sold over 70 million copies – and Robert G. Allen, one of the most influential investment advisors of all time, have to say:

   "This little book wowed me! The simple techniques work - and they work like magic. Ecstasy and Success will definitely help you live your dreams."
Mark Victor Hansen,  

Co-author of the #1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul
   "Ecstasy and Success is a quick read jampacked with wisdom that will lead you to a greater destiny."
Robert G. Allen,  

New York Times bestsellers: Nothing Down, Multiple Streams of Income &
Co-author, The One Minute Millionaire

   ECSTASY AND SUCCESS is unique – and the simple techniques are profoundly powerful.

   But I have to admit – you just can't get the experiential understanding you need from a book

   That's why this Online Course, accompanies the Ecstasy and Success Companion Book, to give you over four hours of exciting audio lessons recorded from live teleconferencing calls with people just like you, so that you can simply click on a link to listen online, or save to a CD, or download on your MP3 player.

Here is a short list of what you will learn in this course...

  • The Seven Lost Secrets of Ecstasy and Success - everything you need to create what you want in your life.

  • The Twelve Key Elements that unblock Subconscious obstacles in the way of your desires.

  • The Three Tools for moving your life-force energy in the direction of your dreams.

Module 1 - Key Element: Awareness

  • How to experience the Ecstasy of your True Nature so you can align yourself with abundance and love.

  • How the Three Aspects of Your Consciousness express themselves and why that's crucial to know.

  • How to work with the Conscious, Subconscious, and Super-conscious Self as a team for effortless manifestations.

  • A simple Muscle Checking Technique to discover your Subconscious limits, or true feelings, quickly and easily, at any time.

  • The hidden Interpretations about Yourself, Money and Love that form the issues of your life and how to change your issues.

Module 2 - Key Elements: Focus, Imagination, Energy

  • How to use a specific Focus Tool to direct the powerful energy of your attention every day to what you do want and NOT to what you don't want.

  • How to expand what you can accept into your life through a dynamic combo of Energy and Imagination.

  • How to Become Irresistably Magnetic to money and/or a mate by using the ORE - Orgasmic Reflex Exercise.

Module 3 - Key Elements: Clarity, Concentration, Confidence

  • How to Become Definite with the Infinite by defining and declaring specific benefits of being with your ideal mate or of having an abundance of money.

  • How to use the Triple Ace Technique with Symbolism so your Subconscious Self is drawn to your desire.

  • How to turn problems over to your SuperConscious Self for Miraculous Solutions and Manifestations.

Module 4 - Key Elements: Magnetism, Meditation & Forgiveness

  • How to use The Charismatic Breath to enhance your personal magnetism.

  • How to establish an energy link with a Beloved to Attract Your Ideal Mate or deepen a love you already have.

  • How to connect with Cosmic Intelligence to Alleviate Stress and Reverse Aging.

  • How to shift the energy of Guilt and Resentment into Magic Miracles.

  • How to use the 30 Day Formula for 10-minutes-a-day to create miracles, thrive and be fully alive.

    And much, much more...

   I want you to have the best and most important material organized in a way that makes learning the messages most effective – and more importantly – the most personal for you!

   So I am adding these additional learning tools:

   Online Power Techniques and Meditations

   The 10 audio Techniques and Meditations in this program detail the practical techniques of using breath, sound, movement and imagination to produce positive changes in your life. In each exercise, I personally guide you as you go through the Become Magnetic process.

Here's What You Get in Your
Magnetic System Program

   "Become Magnetic" audio lesson each week that was recorded with men and women just like you. You'll hear their challenges and triumphs as I teach them (and you) the 30-Day Formula for radical change in only 10 minutes a day.

   The 4 Audio Tutorials will turn everything you believed about money and love on its head! The recordings describe exactly how shifting your focus and working with "Magnetic Energizing" will by-pass your subconscious limits and quickly transform your destiny.

   This Magnetic System builds self-esteem, increases confidence and conscious awareness. You'll tap into your Ecstatic Self for more effortless manifestation. You will also develop better communication with others, feel more charismatic and experience more peace of mind as an undercurrent in your everyday life.

   It will give you the ability to make your life vigorous and purposeful and full of abundance - with less effort. You can be sure it works and will work for you - as it has for so many others.

And just how do you get access to this program?

The 30 Day Magnetic System Program
is currently by personal interview.

   To apply, please fill in this Survey so we can get to know you better. You will be contacted by email as soon as possible.

  The Complete 30-Day Magnetic System Includes:

  A Private Membership Site with Password Access to:

  • PDF's: of the Ecstasy and Success E-Book & Course Materials

  • The Magnetic Course Guide with step-by-step instructions

  • 4 Recorded 70 Min. Sessions - Listen online, save to a CD, or download to MP3 player

  • Videos where I show LIVE Demos of the material for those who learn better visually.

  • 10 Recorded Power Techniques & Meditations, for online listening or download

  • A 20 Minute Audio Review of the 30-Day Magnetic Formula

  • The 7 Lost Secrets of Ecstasy & Success

  • The 12 Key Elements

  • The 3 Tools for Moving Energy

What Makes This Program So Different?

   First, this practical psychology of the ancient Hawaiians teaches exactly how the three aspects of yourself - your Conscious, Subconscious and Super-Conscious self - work together as a team to create your experience.

   If you understand the function, the tools and the motivation of each aspect, then you can direct them to bring your visible dreams into visible reality effortlessly.

   Second, the "magnetic energizing" practiced by the Hawaiian masters allowed them to influence and manage inner and outer forces to experience amazing results. And you can easily learn the magnetic energizing process.

   This program, unlike any others, shows you how to use seven age-old secrets combined with four simple tools…to direct the greatest natural force available to humanity, so that you too can manifest astonishing results.

"In this course you're going to learn how to direct the 3 Aspects of your Self - the Conscious, the Subconscious and the Superconscious. You're going to learn…"

So Here's My Official Invitation to You

   Get ready to tap into an unlimited source of Energy inside you!
   Right here - right now… I'm inviting you to experience your own power through my introductory online program:

How to Become a Magnet
for Money and Love

   In the comfort of your own home, you'll learn the science behind HOW magnetizing works - you'll practice the simple magnetizing techniques and watch the powerful results. In 30 Days, you will be AMAZED at the changes in your life!

   It can be challenging to leave your old life behind. But you can do it - and I will help you.

   If you believe you're ready to step out of your old self-limiting patterns and try something new, then look at this:

I've Made SURE the Money and Love Package Comes With The Following *Free Bonus*

 Free Bonus!

   For Consistent Support in Manifestation Mastery, You Will Have Exclusive Access to our PRIVATE Facebook Group

   Once you register, you are invited into the private Become Magnetic FB Group, of participants from all over the globe, who receive support for the emotions and energies that are in flux during the 30 Day transformation. Post your challenges and breakthroughs while staying connected with me and the power of the collective group energy.

(NOTE: You are not required to participate in the Facebook page.)

   Everything you need to know to quickly and safely attract avalanches of abundance and the man or woman of your dreams, is revealed in this step-by-step 30-Day Formula. This course will give you the ability to make your life vigorous and purposeful and full of abundance - with less effort.    

   "Your program works! Things are really looking up. I'll be coming into over $100K soon, my share from the proceeds of this house, a family inheritance. It all started during my 30 Day Formula, with the neighbour asking me for first bid on the house whenever I was ready to sell. What I was applying from your course inspired me to act as the 'seller's agent' with several developers. Only a few weeks ago I was wondering how I would make it through the summer.

   I have also been hired to speak in Terrace at the end of the month for $2,000 all expenses paid (they found me). I'll be staying in a beautiful fishing lodge for two days!

      Thank you Kala.

K. Jackson, White Rock, B.C.

I Believe In You!

   I do want you to succeed – so I'm giving you an exact 30-Day Formula with the tools to become magnetic and create a successful life of flow and ease rather than struggle.

   I'm confident that when you receive the How to Become a Magnet for Money and Love, Session Recordings, Power Techniques and Meditations, and Join Me Live, you'll be thrilled. I also know that if you follow the steps and do the work, you will start creating opportunities for more love and riches from all different sources in no time!

Consider this…

   Let's say you don't join this program...where will that leave you?

  • Will you find your ideal mate by using your current strategy?
  • Will you honestly be any closer to financial windfalls?
  • Will you be manifesting your deepest longings?
   Probably not.

   Will you be aggravated with yourself later for not trying everything possible to live your best life?


   To get different results in your life, you've got to do something different.

Me ke aloha pumehana – with warm affection,

CEO, "The Empowerment Academy"
Author of
The 7 Lost Secrets of Ecstasy and Success,
The Power of Aloha in German & Polish

P.S. To access the How to Become a Magnet for Money and Love system and manifest your own miracles in , contact us by filling out this Survey. I look forward to hearing from you!

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